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FutureVault is the leading B2B2C white label digital collaboration platform for partner organizations to acquire, retain, and reward their customers while yielding valuable data and analytics.

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Save your money. Keep track of assets & accounts.

Organizing accounts and assets across multiple institutions and financial service providers has become more complicated than ever before. Do you often worry about losing or mismanaging important account information or investment documents? FutureVault maximizes efficiencies and ensures your estate’s assets are kept organized, optimized, accessible and top of mind.

Artificial Intelligence

Not only does FutureVault use optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the text from your documents for you so you can search everything, but it also provides suggestions on where to file them. That’s just smart.

Deposit Files in Seconds

FutureVault allows you to easily ingest your files by emailing yourself at your personal email address or by using the quick upload function.

Go Green

FutureVault helps you drastically reduce excess paper (and ink) usage from printed statements, reports and documentation. Only print what you need when you need it. Also, save volumes of cabinet space in your home or office.

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