Security is our top priority.

To protect data, FutureVault applies physical, electronic and procedural controls, adapting them as the threat landscape evolves. The security controls are designed specifically to protect data regardless of how it is accessed — via PC, tablet or mobile device. We strive to make access to be secure as well as convenient.

Safety, Authentication, and Privacy

FutureVault keeps all your files at a remote high security data facility with restricted access and daily backups for ultimate redundancy and protection.

Secure Data

Whether in transit or at rest, your data is secured end-to-end using Bank-grade encryption. Transport (the way you communicate with the FutureVault product) uses 2048-bit SSL/TLS and a Premium Extended Validation certificate. While stored in our databases, your data is extremely secure as we use a strong key to encrypt/decrypt the data, and this key is only accessible by you.

Secure Hardware

FutureVault keeps all your files at a remote high security data facility with restricted access for ultimate protection. FutureVault is a true 'server-side' solution where your files do not need to reside on your computer, thereby making your files even more secure. No more walking around with your most valuable assets in your laptop bag. No more frustrating file synching issues.

Secure Software

FutureVault ensures that it's programming code is highly secure. We do this by continually analyzing our code for security vulnerabilities and ensure we are always up to date on anti-virus protection.

Compliance and 3rd Party validation

FutureVault positioned for PCI, ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2 compliance, 3rd party security audits and penetration testing done by ethical hackers.

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