Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Banks and Financial Advisors Planning for $30 Trillion Challenge

We’re soon going to see the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history and most financial advisors aren’t ready. Their top priority, if they want to attract the next generation, needs to be figuring out ways to connect with millennials who are digital natives. Over the next 40 years, $30 trillion of wealth will move from […]

Smart information

How Smart are you About your Information?

Today’s smart technologies can literally impact every aspect of your life. From home automation and security, to automobiles and healthcare, the growth of smart IoT technology is rapidly increasing. The global smart home market alone is forecasted to reach $40 billion USD by 2020. In fact, many of you probably interacted with one or more […]

information as an asset

Why You Must Treat Information Like an Asset in 2018

 Throughout our lives we accumulate a wide-variety of important personal, financial and legal documents, accounts and information. From birth certificates and passports, to health records, tax returns, financial statements, insurance policies and wills, the amount of information you need to protect and keep track of increases substantially overtime. The challenge is that managing the volume […]