Client Interaction

Document Intelligence: What it is and Why it’s Important

The concepts of cloud storage, artificial intelligence and blockchain are by now familiar to most people. But few have explored the potential for combining the three technologies. Put them together and you get Document Intelligence Platforms — which have the potential to forever change how we store, analyze and use information in our most personal […]

Banking Incentives

When the Toaster is Toast: Real Incentives for Smart Banks to Attract and Keep Customers

As originally seen on BAI Banking Strategies The tired stereotype of banks handing out toasters to attract new customers is alive and well but in a more 21st Century form. One of North America’s largest retail banks recently lured potential new customers by offering free 28-inch Samsung televisions to anyone who opened a checking account. Add […]

information as an asset

Why You Must Treat Information Like an Asset in 2018

 Throughout our lives we accumulate a wide-variety of important personal, financial and legal documents, accounts and information. From birth certificates and passports, to health records, tax returns, financial statements, insurance policies and wills, the amount of information you need to protect and keep track of increases substantially overtime. The challenge is that managing the volume […]