FutureVault for

Build your own branded information management platform & become the digital anchor in your clients' lives

Strengthen Client Relationships

Offer a value-added service that enhances communication & collaboration & affords your clients ultimate peace of mind. 

Maximize Business Potential

Differentiate your offering with a rich integrated service to attract, reward & retain clients, members and employees.

Optimize Your Organization

Simplify business processes, reduce costs & better manage risk and compliance with efficient & secure business communications.

Wealth Management

Build Trust, Opportunity & Connection with Your Clients

Add value with better transparency, security and a seamless customer experience.


Attract, Reward and Retain Clients and Employees

Provide the security, trust and transparency needed to build long-lasting relationships.

Credit Unions

Enhance Communication & Collaboration with Members

Exceed member experiences and create employee brand ambassadors.

Professional Services

Improve Workplace Productivity & Collaboration

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of daily tasks and keep your information secure.

Affinity Groups

Enrich Your Members' Lives & Improve Experiences

Provide ultimate peace-of-mind with better security, intelligent organization and seamless collaboration.

Family Offices

Manage the Unique & Complex Needs of Your Family Office

Secure, organize and share all of your most important documents, assets and information.

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