Information Management

Securely store, organize and share personal, financial & legal documents any time, from any device with the Digital Collaborative Vault.

Intelligent & Intuitive Organization for Every Aspect of Life

Curated Information Architecture

A preloaded folder directory with 200 categories and 1400 suggested documents and summary forms ensures all information is intelligently organized and easy-to-find.

Multiple Entity Filtering

Sophisticated filtering makes it easy to segment and organize documents across multiple entities such as family, holding companies and businesses, all from one account.

Sophisticated Document Storage

Comprehensive document tagging makes it simple to identify, sort and search for any document across multiple locations.

The Smart Filing Cabinet that Keeps Getting Smarter

Optical Character Recognition identifies the type of document uploaded, suggests where to file it and makes searching for information quick and easy.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Trusted Advisors

With our Trusted Advisor Protocol, VaultHolders can give Trusted Advisors like wealth managers, lawyers, accountants and family members the ability to access and manage specific categories, folders or documents on their behalf.

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Keep Track of All Activity in Your Account

Advanced activity tracking logs all VaultHolder and Trusted Advisor activities that occur in the account, providing a full audit trail.

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