Financial Services Need a Digital Strategy

5 Reasons Why Financial Services Need a Digital Strategy

Financial services firms are facing their greatest technological change in a generation, with emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence holding the promise of reimagining the banking experience. Other challenges and factors such as changing customer expectations, increasing competition and regulatory oversight, and the pressure to streamline operations are driving the push for innovation. […]

Blockchain Technology - Cloud Platforms

United States Department of Defense Researching Potential Blockchain Solutions For Cybersecurity

US Department of Defense experimenting with blockchain technology as possible cybersecurity solution. The Department of Defense, in its report ‘DoD Digital Modernization Strategy: DoD Information Resource Management Strategic Plan’, released July 2019, states it is experimenting with blockchain as a means of secure communication between personnel and also as a way to create unhackable code. […]

Document Management Software

Document Management Software will Soar in 2018 & Beyond

Digital document storage is becoming a big business as a growing number of users embrace cloud-based technology to manage their most important personal and business information. By 2024, the Document Management Software (DMS) business will be worth more than $6 billion, according to a new report by Global Market Insights. Growth is expected to be […]

Client Interaction

Document Intelligence: What it is and Why it’s Important

The concepts of cloud storage, artificial intelligence and blockchain are by now familiar to most people. But few have explored the potential for combining the three technologies. Put them together and you get Document Intelligence Platforms — which have the potential to forever change how we store, analyze and use information in our most personal […]