Reinventing the Way the World Manages Information.

We believe that information is the ultimate asset class, which is why we've built the industry leading Digital Vault Platform. To help organizations and individuals securely store, manage, and share their information. 

FutureVault - About Us and Our Team


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Our team is, and always will be, our greatest asset. Without them we wouldn't have been able to file for several patents and have been successfully granted one. We wouldn't be able to work with leading organizations across North America and Internationally. And without them, we wouldn't be recognized as an industry leader. 

Ashif Adnan - FutureVault

Ashif Adnan

Application Developer
Mani Ayat - FutureVault

Mani Ayat

VP, Business Development
Erica Batra - FutureVault

Erica Batra

DevOps Engineer
Kristian Borghesan - FutureVault

Kristian Borghesan

Director of Marketing
Michael Bradley - FutureVault

Michael Bradley

Co-founder, CMO
Brittani Chamberlain - FutureVault

Brittani Chamberlain

Customer Success Manager
Amanda Clark - FutureVault

Amanda Clark

CFO and VP, Strategy
Jayanth Donekal - FutureVault

Jayanth Donekal

Software Engineer
Justin Gillis - FutureVault

Justin Gillis

Senior Front End Developer
Misha Gupta - FutureVault

Misha Gupta

Product Owner and Release Manager
Reza Khan - FutureVault

Reza Khan

Solution Architect
Jason Ko - FutureVault

Jason Ko

Principal Engineer
Daniel Kenny - FutureVault

Daniel Kenny

Chief Operating Officer
Luke Kyleman - FutureVault

Luke Kyleman

Chief Technology Officer
Jimmy Li - FutureVault

Jimmy Li

Software Developer
Sal Malik - FutureVault

Sal Malik

Sales Engineer
Nevin Markwart - FutureVault

Nevin Markwart

Chief Information Security Officer
Imtiaz Mirza - FutureVault

Imtiaz Mirza

Cloud Native Architect
Mujahid Mohammed - FutureVault

Mujahid Mohammed

DevOps Engineer
Leo - Moura - FutureVault

Leo Moura

Software Developer
John D Orr - FutureVault

John D. Orr

G Scott Paterson - FutureVault

G Scott Paterson

Executive Chair
Saul Pardillo - FutureVault

Saul Pardillo

Creative Director
Trupalumar Parmar - FutureVault

Trupal Parmar

QA Manager
Preom Rahman - FutureVault

Preom Rahman

Software Engineer
Michael Reynolds - FutureVault

Michael Reynolds

Director, Sales
John Shackleton - FutureVault

John Shackleton

Chief Executive Officer
Mush Shaharyar - FutureVault

Musharruf Shaharyar

Product Marketing Manager
David Sheridan - FutureVault

David Sheridan

Executive Vice President, Sales & Customer Success
Brittani Chamberlain - FutureVault

Caroll Simmons

Director of Customer Success
Ishan Varma - FutureVault

Ishan Varma

Customer Success Representative


Meet Our Board of Directors

Michael Bradley - FutureVault Board

Michael Bradley

Director (Management)
G Scott Paterson - FutureVault Executive Chairman

G Scott Paterson

Director (Executive Chair)
John D Orr - FutureVault

John D. Orr

Director (Co-Chair)
Duncan Card - FutureVault Board of Directors

Duncan Card

Director (Partner, Bennett Jones)
Daniel Farmer - FutureVault Board of Directors

Daniel Farmer

Director (Founder & Partner, FigTree Financial)
Scott Lampard - FutureVault Board of Directors

Scott Lampard

Director (Managing Director, Head of Global Markets, HSBC Bank Canada)
Brian Semkiw - FutureVault Board of Directors

Brian Semkiw

Director (Chairman and CEO, KarbonKleen Inc.)


Meet Our Advisory Board

Farhan Abbas - FutureVault Adivsory Board

Farhan Abbas

CEO, PLK Holdings Inc.
Robert Madej - FutureVault Advisor

Robert Madej

CEO, PureFacts
Mark Nashman - FutureVault Advisor

Mark Nashman

INcapital Ventures
Brian ODonnell - FutureVault Advisory Board

Brian O'Donnell

iisaac Inc.


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