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Enterprise Document Management. For Everyone.

From the institutional enterprise level to the middle tier of professionals and advisors through to the end client, FutureVault makes it safe, secure and easy to share important documents. Forever. 



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We believe the key to happy clients is delivering value where they need it most – managing and protecting their data and documents, even the ones that don’t come from you.  FutureVault offers a powerful, integrated white label enterprise document management solution to securely manage document collaboration. Leverage FutureVault to acquire and retain clients, unlock new revenue streams and operational efficiencies, all while reducing costs.

We know. It all sounds a bit buzzwordy, but intriguing. Let’s break this down.


Enterprise Vault Platform


For large organizations, this white label product suite delivers a central, secure, digital communication hub for document collaboration between various corporate levels, departments, professional service providers through to end clients. The Enterprise Vault Platform allows your administrators to securely manage documents and users all in a fully tracked and compliant fiduciary environment.

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Professional Vault Platform


Professional service providers, including private bankers, advisors, brokers and portfolio managers, can efficiently and securely manage important documents through their Corporate and Client Vaults.  The configurable white label platform provides the ability to deposit, store, organize, share and manage business and legal documents via secure workflows and integrations.

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Client Vault Platform

For organizations that want to take the next step and become the digital hub in their clients’ lives, the Client Vault platform is the ultimate in client interaction and engagement. The platform provides two types of vaults: Essential for the management of key documents you share with clients, and Premium, which offers the full Personal & Business Life Management Vault experience for all clients’ critical documents.  

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All Platforms include three key applications & services


Cloud-based Portal


Mobile App


Digitization as a Service

For the Enterprise & Large Institutions


Grow & Scale Your Organization with Technology

Leverage best-in-class cloud-based document management technology to build your client and constituency base while scaling your organization’s capacity to get work done. 


Easily Control Your Complex Multi-tiered Ecosystem

The Enterprise Vault Platform (EVP) allows you to quickly bring together the various silos of your organization into a shared view of corporate and client documents, while maintaining strict and specific access permissions from CEO through to end client. 


Integrate Your Existing Platforms

You have already made meaningful investments in your infrastructure (ERP, CRM, ECM, etc.) so we make it easy to connect with your data and selectively deliver documents down through your organization. FutureVault’s robust set of APIs and other integration points makes this safe and painless. 


Protect Your Organization from Threats

Whether your data and documents reside on local devices, on shared drives or in your own cloud environments, managing information security and cyber risks can be an overwhelming undertaking. Leverage FutureVault’s secure private cloud platform to protect your information and keep you compliant.


Acquire Clients & Grow Your Practice

Differentiate your practice with a new digital offering for your clients. Combining your clientbase with the platform’s inherent network effects, you can easily generate new business relationships. Easily uncover upsell & cross-sell opportunities.


Engage & Retain Your Clients

Integrate fully into clients’ digital lives. Command daily mindshare. Expand relationships virally within families & professional networks. Increase stickiness throughout client lifetime & into intergenerational wealth transfer.


Save Time & Money with Efficient Collaboration

Reduce printing, mailing & storage costs. Free up front and back office FTE capacity. Reduce non-revenue generating client requests. Reduce marketing & communication costs.


Keep your Practice Safe and Compliant

Ensure key documents are digitally signed, secured and accessible. Manage risk and compliance obligations with end-to-end encryption and adherence to data residency and redundancy requirements. Securely share documents between all stakeholders and track activities with a transparent fiduciary audit trail. Help clients reduce their cyber security risk profile. 


For Advisors, Portfolio Managers & Professional Service Providers

For Clients, Members & End Users


Saving Time, Effort & Money

Clients can quickly and easily centralize, organize and manage their documents in one place with convenient anytime, anywhere access. Clients save money on professional service fees and physical document storage while ensuring their vital assets are accounted for and organized for life.


Organizing & Controlling Their Digital Life

Educate and advise your clients on what information they need, why they need it and where they should store it within their vault. Clients are empowered to own and control their documents. 


Keeping Their Information Safe, Secure & Private

Empower your clients to safely keep their most important documents, assets and information in an encrypted private cloud with bank-grade security.


Collaborating Seamlessly with Professionals

Make it easy for your clients to share documents with family, Trusted Advisors and your organization in a secure, discrete and fiduciary environment.

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