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Credit Where Credit is Due.

Your business and your industry are in a state of constant transformation and pressure, fuelled largely by technology. But, technology can also provide the tools for member acquisition, retention, and growth as well as operational excellence.



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Traditional value propositions are eroding.


Differentiation is Difficult

Product and service offerings are being commoditized. Disruptive, self-service technology-based solutions are taking market share.


Quality & Performance

Increased comparison shopping online has lowered barriers to departure.  Heightened client demands, especially for technology from younger demographics, has put pressure on innovation.


Fees & Margins

Increased visibility of fees and competition from low cost / no cost competitive services has created challenges in protecting the bottom line.

Connecting with customers has never been more difficult.


Acquisition & Retention

Member acquisition costs are at an all-time high across most marketing channels. Retention rates are low as banking relationships become less personal and more digital.


Members are Dispersed

Members’ relationships are widely distributed across institutions putting your relationship under constant threat of direct competition from larger organizations. You want to increase share of wallet and reach within households while uncovering cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


The Market is Loud & Crowded

You need to find a way to cut through the noise and interact with members on a personal level. You want to improve the quality and increase the frequency of member interactions.

Collaborating with members can be costly, cumbersome & inefficient.


Member Collaboration is Broken

Collaboration is spread across multiple channels, technologies and organizational silos. Secure email is cumbersome to use for file transfer and document sharing. You need to improve banker and advisor productivity.


Digitization & Digital Adoption

Communicating with customers, from account openings to statement delivery, is costly and paper-heavy. Digital adoption of online tools and portals needs to be increased across the member base. Member on-boarding is disjointed and slow. 


Secure Information Management

Document assembly and aggregation is tedious. Increased risk from cyberthreats and increased liability from compliance and fiduciary obligations are driving costs and ongoing concerns. 

Introducing FutureVault. Your Information Bank in a Box.

Providing a unique, useful and personalized member experience is increasingly outstripping other value propositions, although it is difficult to execute, manage, scale and support. It requires technology.

Members want to feel taken care of but empowered. They want to access and manage critical information anytime, anywhere. Members want and need a digital vault. 

A Digital Vault Platform can be integrated within your existing member experience or as a standalone destination. You can choose to offer it as a value-add or as a paid service.

Trusted by Trusted Organizations

We are proud to work with innovative organizations and institutions from financial services to academia and beyond.

Become the Digital Hub in your Members’ Lives.


Provide Unique & Unparalleled Value

Members can quickly and easily centralize, organize and manage all their key documents in one place with convenient anytime, anywhere access. Members enjoy peace of mind knowing that their vital assets are accounted for and organized for life.


Drive Acquisition & Retention

The Digital Vault Platform deepens and extends member relationships as the digital hub in members’ lives as an incredibly sticky and engaging tool for entire families.


Unlock New Revenue Streams

The Digital Vault Platform can generate new revenue streams as a paid service or it can yield cross-sell and up-sell opportunities throughout the other parts of your organization. 


Collaborate Securely & Efficiently

Securely deliver documents to members allowing them to collaborate with you and their networks of Trusted Advisors.

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