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FutureVault’s industry leading white label digital vault platform offers cloud collaboration and virtual data room functionality for managing client documents. Client vaults provide an advanced digital safe deposit box for managing personal, financial and legal documents.



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Feature Summary


Private White Label Environment

Branded Experience

The entire Digital Vault Platform (Enterprise, Professional and Client) is branded with your look-and-feel to provide an experience that is purely and authentically yours. Further, you can even launch your own branded mobile application as part of the service.

Multi-tier Information Management

Manage documents and information across your digital ecosystem, from your back office to your associated groups, departments, agencies, affiliates and end clients. This is file permissioning at its finest.

Revenue Generating Model

This isn’t just document storage. This is a whole new line of business. FutureVault affords your organization the ability to transform your document delivery processes into a value-added and revenue generating service for clients.

Infinitely Scalable

We grow when you grow. Your organization can save significant time and resources by allowing FutureVault to help you scale in the cloud. Our cloud-based platform is designed to take you from 1 user to millions. You drive your business. We give you the platform to scale safely and seamlessly.


Integration & Document Distribution

Statements & Financial Data

Through our API-driven platform, we can connect with public and private integrations from financial institutions and data aggregators to pull in the documents and data you and your clients need and deposit them directly into specific vaults.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You’ve invested in your CRM. We help you maximize that investment by being the document management add-on to client records, and beyond. We can support integrations to some of the world’s most popular CRM platforms. Contact us to discuss your CRM integration needs. 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Whether your data is stored in shared network drives, on-premises repositories or other cloud-based enterprise content management platforms, we can connect with the right data and deliver it to the right vault. 

Direct Vault Distribution

The robust Administration Tools within the Enterprise and Professional Vault Platforms allow for the flexible and easy distribution of documents. Whether on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many basis or many-to-1 basis (through our Global Folders functionality), FutureVault makes it quick and easy to get documents delivered to the right vaults. 



Custom Categories & Folders

Create and edit your own master file structure, known as Taxonomies, with categories, subcategories, folders, subfolders and even suggested documents. Adding some structure with flexibility allows your to keep your information architecture, clean, clear and organized.

Personal & Business Life Management™

Our trademark Personal and Business Life Management Vault offering allows clients to leverage our vast taxonomy for personal, business, financial and legal documents to manage every aspect of their lives. Effectively, this is the world’s most structured digital filing cabinet. 

Advanced OCR & Auto-Filing

Our patent-pending Smart Auto-filing technology leverages the best-in-class OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract the text from your documents (including handwriting) and make AI-driven recommendations on where that document should be stored in your vault. Further, no matter where you store a document, all the content in all documents can be searched in seconds. This unique set of functionality is an incredible time-saver.

Document Tagging

Whether you want to store your car insurance policy in a car folder or an insurance folder, now you can store it in both places at once. FutureVault allows you to tag documents to multiple folders across multiple entities so users can find documents where they expect them to be. 



Web & Mobile Apps

With FutureVault, you have multiple choices on how you deploy your mobile strategy: you can use the FutureVault app or you can launch your own branded native app on iOS and Android. Nearly all of the web application features are available in the apps, plus, you’re able to scan documents on the go.

Dynamic Entity Views

In order to store, search, browse, view and manage documents and information for different entities (individuals, businesses, organizations), you can use FutureVault’s patent-pending Dynamic Visualization technology. You do not need to log in and out of multiple accounts to find the documents you’re looking for – instead, you can toggle vault accounts on and off with the click of a button.

Custom Dashboards

FutureVault can help create custom dashboards for your administrators, internal users and clients based on the information and documentation that is most important for them to see at a glance. 

Full Text Search & PDF Viewer

FutureVault accepts multiple different file types into the vault but will convert all documents to PDF for easy viewing and access while still keeping a copy of the original to download whenever required. All documents can be searched from top to bottom using our best-in-class search capabilities – it’s like having your own personal search engine in the cloud.


Collaborate & Aggregate

Dynamic Checklists

Aggregating and collecting documents from internal and external counterparties can be time-consuming and frustrating. Using FutureVault’s Dynamic Checklists, you can build checklist templates for documents you need to get your work done. You can share those templates to enforce best practices across your organization. Then, you send checklists to others (colleagues or clients) to collect the documents you need to move your action items forward. From onboarding to account opening to finalizing a financial, estate or tax plan, Dynamic Checklists make it quick, easy and trackable. 


Import your key contacts into FutureVault to have quick access to the people you need to share and collaborate with on your key documents. 

Trusted Advisor Protocol

FutureVault’s patent-pending Trusted Advisor protocol allows you to specifically and discretely share documents, folders, sub-folders or even your entire vault with selective Trusted Advisors. Whether family members, assistants, colleagues or professional advisors, FutureVault allows you to interact with your centers of influence like never before. Now, you can delegate the curation and management of certain files to external advisor, all tracked securely within the vault. 

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are an important part of working within our digital world. FutureVault’s DocuSign integration allows you to digitally sign a document or have a document sent for signature, directly from your vault.


Track, Action, Report & Analyze

Fiduciary Audit Trail

FutureVault’s Fiduciary Audit Trail tracks all activities in the vault from the moment a document is uploaded to when it is viewed, shared or downloaded. The audit trail captures all activities for all parties – end client, professional and administrative staff, and external Trusted Advisors – providing the ultimate in transparency, accountability and peace of mind. 


Sometimes the most important part of any document is its inherent creation, event or expiry date. Using FutureVault’s Reminder functionality, you can set reminders (email, on the web and in-app) for one or more people so you never miss an important deadline ever again. 


In order to stay apprised of the activities occurring within your vault, FutureVault’s Notifications feature provides a stream of updates on the web and in-app, in addition to through email, subject to your notification settings.

Custom Usage Reporting

FutureVault can provide you and your team Custom Usage Reporting on what is happening across your document ecosystem. This reporting cannot access any private or encrypted documents but instead is able to provide invaluable insights on your staff and client usage behaviours, including number of documents filed or viewed in specific categories.

Feature Tour


You get a vault, and you get a vault, and…

The FutureVault platform comes with a Digital Vault for every single one of your clients, accessible at anytime from anywhere on any device. Inside a Vault, clients can access multiple Safes (representing Entities) at the same time, whether it be for family members or business interests. Essential Vaults can be offered as a value-added service and Premium Vaults can be offered as an upgrade to become a profit center.


Special Delivery

Your organization can securely deliver key documents to clients on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, manually or through automation and integrations.


It’s Great to Integrate

FutureVault integrates with many leading CRM, ERP and ECM platforms as well as other document sources, such as custodian banks, to automatically and selectively deliver documents to clients while also streamlining existing workflows.


Get Onboard & Drive Business Outcomes

Clients can upload, download, share and digitally sign important documents with simple and collaborative workflows. Dynamic Checklist features improve document collection, aggregation and onboarding.


Signed, Sealed and Delivered

 Quickly finalize agreements and open accounts with FutureVault’s digital signature integration with DocuSign.


Dynamic Visualization

No more logging in and out of your cloud accounts to find the documents you need. Using FutureVault’s patent-pending Dynamic Visualization feature, you can see all of your documents across your entities within your vault accounts or just within one account all with the click of a button.


Digital Safe Deposit Boxes in Your Information Bank

In addition to the documents delivered by you, clients can also digitally deposit, store, and manage all their lives’ most important information in a Premium Vault – a robust digital safe deposit box – that is completely private. Premium Vaults offer additional functionality, storage and an extensive information architecture. We call this Personal and Business Life Management™– the next evolution in personal document management – and it comes complete with a rich taxonomy of over 1,500 suggested categories, folders, documents and forms.


Clients Drive New Revenue Opportunities

Clients are in the driver’s seat, but you give them the map and destination. Clients get to own and control their information, all with your help. Clients can selectively share additional information from their private Premium Vault to solicit your feedback and advice. In return, you have the opportunity to provide additional products and services to clients.
It’s win-win.


Beauty is in the AI of the VaultHolder

Leverage FutureVault’s patent pending technology to automate tasks, like document filing. We use our AI-based Smart Filing feature with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify the type of document uploaded, suggest where to file it and even allow you to search through the text of all your documents in an instant. This frees up valuable time for you and your client to spend together, instead of on your computer or in front of a filing cabinet.


Sharing is Caring

It has never been easier to share documents between employees, groups, departments, other internal and external parties and clients.  Leveraging FutureVault’s patent pending Advanced Permissioning and Trusted Advisor features, you can control who can access specific documents across entities, categories, and folders. Now, clients can delegate the curation and management of important documents to their network of professional Trusted Advisors or family members.


Tag. You’re it.

Comprehensive document tagging makes it simple to identify, sort and search for any document across multiple locations. It’s like making a virtual photocopy of your document to put into multiple folders.


Mind the Reminders

Users can set specific reminders for important dates on documents, from passport renewal dates to terms on financial instruments, so that you never miss taking action on key dates.


Goodbye Letters

Digitalize traditional paper heavy processes and stop annoying clients with paper-based communications. Legacy paper records can be digitized and delivered directly into a client’s vault.


Non-revisionist History

All activities that occur on the platform are tracked, including file uploads, deletions, form updates, new folders, file movements, sharing, etc. from all users and Trusted Advisors with access to the account. This provides a complete fiduciary audit trail. You can’t get more transparent than that.

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