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We help organizations and professionals everywhere build more trust with their clients and members by delivering important documents and information in the fastest, easiest, and most secure way.

Digitization as a Service with FutureVault

Trusted by Institutions & Professionals Everywhere


Connecting the Disconnected

Our Digital Vault Platform enables you to easily share, manage, and collaborate on key information with your clients.

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Structure & Organization

FutureVault - Platform - Professional - Safe and compliant

Security &

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Collaboration & Integration

FutureVault - Intelligence and Automation

Automation & Intelligence

Manage Risk and Compliance

Security & Compliance You Can Trust

Keeping your information and documents safe is our top priority. Our industry-leading Digital Vault Platform comes equipped with best-in-class security protocols and the right tools to meet and exceed your compliance requirements.

Distributed Documents with FutureVault

Deliver Documents With Ease

Securely request, receive, and store key documents and important files—of any size. Whether on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many basis or many-to-1 basis, FutureVault makes it quick and easy to deliver key documents to your clients' Vaults.

Distributed Documents with FutureVault
Trusted Advisors Permissioning with FutureVault

Collaborate with Advisors, Clients & Their Network

Managing important information has never been easier. Collaborate on different organizational levels from your head office to your advisors and business managers to your clients, and back.

Trusted Advisor permissioning allows your clients to collaborate with and share important documents with their accountants, lawyers, wealth managers, and more.

Digitization as a Service with FutureVault

Digitize Your Legacy Documents

Paperwork creates more work. That's why we've teamed up with global leaders in innovative storage management services to digitize your historic paper records and have them automatically uploaded into your Vault portal saving you significant time and money. 

Digitization of archive paper records


Platform Tools To Manage What Matters Most

Our Digital Vault Platform is equipped with the right tools and features to help you improve the way you manage, store, and share important information across your organization, with your clients, and with their Trusted Advisors.


Built for Organizations and Professionals Everywhere

FutureVault makes storing, sharing, and managing key information and documents quick, easy, and safe. Our Digital Vault Platform is built for organizations and professionals across different industries and verticals.


What Clients Are Saying About FutureVault

Chris Enright

The Aligned 360 Vault provides our Advisors with the tools and intelligence to streamline mission-critical business processes and improve the robustness of their compliance regimes. Ultimately, we are empowering our advisors to deliver an unrivalled experience for clients in order to deepen and grow their relationships.

Christopher Enright

President & Managing Director, Aligned Capital Partners

Daniel Farmer - FigTree Financial

FutureVault has allowed us to transform our paper-based processes & significantly augment the client-advisor experience while improving efficiencies, managing security, and reducing compliance risk.

Daniel Farmer

Chairman & CEO, FigTree Financial

Daniel Farmer - FigTree Financial
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