Introducing FutureVault - a secure document vault platform for organizations and clients to share and take care of important documents. Together.

Introducing the Digital Collaborative Vault

The Digital Collaborative Vault makes it easy for your clients to securely store, organize and share the personal, financial and legal information that is most valuable to them, their family and their business.

Sound complicated? It isn’t.

Reinventing the Way the World Manages Information


Empower your clients to keep their most important documents, assets and information in an encrypted private cloud with bank-grade security.


Enable your clients to quickly and easily centralize, organize and manage their documents in one place with convenient anytime, anywhere access.


Make document management quick, easy and accurate with patent pending smart-filing technology and a customized and universal information architecture.


Make it easy for your clients to share documents with family, Trusted Advisors and your organization in a secure, discrete and fiduciary environment.

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Become the

digital anchor

in your clients' lives.

Keep your brand top of mind and differentiate your organization with a service that offers better transparency, security and a seamless customer experience

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"Easy, secure access to vital documents is paramount to wealth management, and up until now, there has been a massive gap in the marketplace for a secure digital solution. FutureVault is one of a kind, as the company truly understands the needs of our clients and produced the most robust, secure solution available. FutureVault has definitely changed the relationship with my clients. There is a lot more transparency, trust, and new opportunities for value-added services and more comprehensive consultation."

- Derryn Shrosbree, Founder & CEO, 33seven

It’s rare that I find a true innovation that I think is disruptive. FutureVault is one of those rare companies that has recognized a problem that executives and entrepreneurs have and developed an intuitive solution that is of clear, immediate value. I use FutureVault for my complex world of businesses and personal assets and it has completely exceeded all my expectations. I am recommending FutureVault to my friends as our C-Suite Network is now offering this service to our members.”

– Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman, C-Suite Network

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