Kristian Borghesan

Director of Marketing

Kristian Borghesan - FutureVault

Meet Kristian Borghesan

Kristian Borghesan is a well-known Canadian marketing executive with a proven track record of helping FinTech and SaaS startups gain early traction and build scalable momentum. Currently, Kristian is the Director of Marketing at FutureVault, the industry-leading provider of secure document exchange and Digital Vault solutions for the financial services industry.

Prior to joining FutureVault, Kristian held the role of Head of Marketing at US-based Savology, a FinTech startup providing accessible financial planning and to households and employees across the United States through financial wellness benefits. Prior to his role at Savology, Kristian worked for as well as advised for multiple B2B and B2C startups in the financial services as well as the arts & entertainment industries.