Advanced Platform Features & Functionality

Our Digital Vault Platform is equipped with innovative tools and workflow features to transform the way you manage, store, and share important information across your organization, with your clients, and with their Trusted Advisors.

FutureVault Digital Vault Platform - Deliver Client Satements
FutureVault Digital Vault Platform - Deliver Client Satements


Award Winning Platform

FutureVault powers enterprises, professionals, and households to securely access, manage, and exchange key information better, together.

Secure Document Exchange

Secure Document Exchange

Securely distribute, exchange, and manage statements and documents with your Advisors and Clients.

Customized Structure and Taxonomy

Customized & Structured Taxonomy

Create the structure you need to manage information across the enterprise, with Advisors, and with Clients.

Best in Class Information Security and Compliance

Best-in-Class Security & Compliance

Easily meet your information security and compliance requirements with confidence. 

Multi-Tiered Platform Access and Roles


Efficiently manage back office, front office, and Client documents within one secure, centralized platform.

White Label Branded Platform

White Label Branded Platform

Provide Advisors and Clients with a secure, white-labeled platform for a seamless brand experience. 

Integrations and Open APIs

Open APIs & Custom Integrations

Leverage our open APIs and custom integrations to gain material time savings and streamline workflow.


Manage Your Documents With Ease

Advanced document distribution tools allow for the flexible and easy distribution of documents at the enterprise and professional level. Whether on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many or many-to-1 basis (through our Global Folders functionality), FutureVault makes it quick and easy to get documents delivered directly into advisor and client Vaults in seconds. 

Whether you want to store your car insurance policy in a car folder or an insurance folder, now you can store it in both places at once. FutureVault allows you to tag documents to multiple folders across multiple entities, enabling Vault users to easily find documents exactly where they expect them to be. 

FutureVault’s patent-pending Trusted Advisor protocol allows you to specifically and discretely share documents, folders, sub-folders or even your entire Vault with selective Trusted Advisors. Whether family members, assistants, colleagues, lawyers, or advisors, FutureVault allows you to collaborate on important documents with your network like never before. Now, you can delegate the curation and management of certain files to external advisor, all tracked securely within the Vault.

Easily upload and distribute documents to your organization, clients, and members using FutureVault's proprietary Bulk Upload feature. Have hundreds or thousands of statements and critical documents to deliver to your clients weekly, monthly or quarterly? Bulk Uploading them easily saves you several hours, if not days of work. 

Our patented Smart Auto-Filing technology leverages the best-in-class OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract the text from your documents (including handwriting) and make AI-driven recommendations on where documents should be stored in your Vault. Regardless of where you store your documents, all the content in all documents can be searched in seconds, saving you and your clients a significant amount of time searching and looking for key documents.

All documents uploaded to the Vault are converted to PDF for easy viewing and access while still keeping a copy of the original to download whenever required. All documents can be searched from top to bottom using advanced search capabilities – think of having your own personal search engine in the cloud.

Digital signatures are an important part of working within our digital world. FutureVault’s DocuSign integration allows you to digitally sign a document or have a document sent for signature, without having to leave your Vault.

Our Bulk Download feature allows you to quickly and easily download any and all documents within your Vaults for safe record keeping and to manage compliance requirements, should you need to download all files. 


Improve Your Efficiency & Automate Workflows

Create and edit your own master file structure, known as Taxonomies, with categories, subcategories, folders, subfolders and even suggested documents. Adding the right structure and flexibility you need allows you to keep your information clean, clear and organized, while improving the ability to collaborate with clients.

Aggregating and collecting documents from internal and external counterparties can be time-consuming and frustrating. Using FutureVault’s Dynamic Checklists, you can build new custom checklist templates for documents you need to get your work done. You can share those templates to enforce best practices across your organization. Then, you send checklists directly to colleagues or clients (new and existing) to collect the information and documents you need to move your action items forward. From onboarding to account opening to finalizing a financial, estate or tax plan, Dynamic Checklists make it quick, easy and trackable.

Sometimes the most important part of any document is its inherent creation, event or expiry date. Using FutureVault’s Reminder functionality, you can set reminders (email, on the web and in-app) for one or more people so you never miss an important deadline ever again.
FutureVault’s Notifications feature provides a stream of updates on the web and in-app, in addition to email, subject to the notification settings you setup.

In order to store, search, browse, view and manage documents and information for different entities (individuals, businesses, organizations), you can use FutureVault’s patent-pending Dynamic Visualization technology. You do not need to log in and out of multiple accounts to find the documents you’re looking for – instead, you can toggle Vault accounts on and off with the click of a button.

Digital signatures are an important part of working within our digital world. FutureVault’s DocuSign integration allows you to digitally sign a document or have a document sent for signature, directly from your Vault.

Take advantage of our unique DocuSign integration to automatically create new Vaults and store documents directly within client Vaults upon signing. This automates the manual work involved and saves considerable amount of time when it comes to new account openings, KYC, account transfers, and more.

With FutureVault, you have multiple choices on how you deploy your mobile strategy: you can use the FutureVault app or you can launch your own branded native app on iOS and Android. Nearly all of the web application features are available in the apps, plus, you’re able to scan documents on the go.


Manage Risk & Compliance With Ease

Your information and documents are automatically backed up and encrypted using bank-level Symmetric 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard and Asymmetric 2048-bit TLS 1.2.

View our Security Overview to learn more.


Our backup and recovery protocol ensures that your information and your documents are safe and accessible 24/7. DR⁴ stands for: Disaster Recovery, Data Redundancy, Data Residency, and Document Retention.

View our Security Overview to learn more.

FutureVault’s Fiduciary Audit Trail tracks all activities in the Vault from the moment a document is uploaded to when it is viewed, shared or downloaded. The audit trail captures all activities for all parties – end client, professional and administrative staff, and external Trusted Advisors – providing the ultimate in transparency, accountability and peace of mind.

Our audit trail is a game-changer functionality for compliance and reporting requirements.

Only you and those you grant permission to can view your information; no one else. You can easily revoke access when needed, at any time.

View our Security Overview to learn more.


FutureVault Feature Tour

Collaborate Securely with Trusted Advisors

Vaults For All Constituents

Easily provide Digital Vaults for your back office, business managers and advisors, and your clients. Customize the structure and organization of your Vault to make it easy for everyone to access, store, and manage their documents.

Essential or Premium Vaults can be offered.

FutureVault SOC 2 Type II

Securely Deliver Documents With Ease

Securely request, receive, and store key documents and important files—of any size. Whether on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many basis or many-to-1 basis, FutureVault makes it quick and easy to deliver key documents to your clients' Vaults.

FutureVault SOC 2 Type II
DocuSign Integration and Esignature Workflows

Drive Acquisition & Retention

Significantly improve the way you onboard new clients with unique integrations and automated workflows. By providing your clients with a secure Digital Vault that they can easily access, you'll give them a reason to stick around for good.

Digital Statements and Reports

Digitize Your Legacy Documents

Paperwork creates more work. That's why we've teamed up with global leaders in innovative storage management services to digitize your historic paper records and have them automatically uploaded into your Vault portal saving you significant time and money. 

Digitization of archive paper records
FutureVault Digital Vault Platform - Trusted Advisor Permissioning

Collaborate with Advisors, Clients & Their Network

Managing important information has never been easier. Collaborate on different organizational levels from your head office to your advisors and business managers to your clients, and back.

Trusted Advisor permissioning allows your clients to collaborate with and share important documents with their accountants, lawyers, wealth managers, and more.

Custom Checklists - Audit Preparation

Request & Receive Information With Checklists

Clients can upload, download, share and digitally sign important documents with simple and collaborative workflows. Dynamic Checklists significantly improve the way you collect documents and information.

Custom Checklists - Audit Preparation
FutureVault Patented AutoFiling Suggestions

Patented Document Filing Technology

Leverage FutureVault’s patented technology to automate tasks, like document filing. Our AI-based Smart Filing feature and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) identifies the type of document uploaded, suggests where to file it, and even allows you to search through the text of all your documents in seconds.


Integrations Built to Improve Your Workflows


Deliver Documents. Automate Workflows. Build Trust.


Deliver Documents. Automate Workflows. Build Trust.


Trusted by Institutions & Professionals Everywhere

Christopher Enright - Aligned Capital Partners

The Aligned 360 Vault provides our Advisors with the tools and intelligence to streamline mission-critical business processes and improve the robustness of their compliance regimes. Ultimately, we are empowering our advisors to deliver an unrivalled experience for clients in order to deepen and grow their relationships.

Christopher Enright

President & Managing Director, Aligned Capital Partners

Daniel Farmer - Board Member - FigTree

FutureVault has allowed us to transform our paper-based processes & significantly augment the client-advisor experience while improving efficiencies, managing security, and reducing compliance risk.

Daniel Farmer

Chairman & CEO, FigTree Financial

Daniel Farmer - Board Member - FigTree
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