AppCrown And FutureVault Announce Strategic Partnership

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New York City, NY — FutureVault Inc., (FutureVault), an industry-leading provider of secure document exchange solutions and pioneering Personal Life Management Digital Vaults, and AppCrown, a leading Salesforce integration and industry data provider, today announced a new strategic partnership that will provide significant value to all stakeholders in the wealth management industry.   

The newly formed partnership will connect AppCrown’s enterprise middleware with FutureVault’s secure digital vault platform to build an Integrated Wealth Management Operating System that enables best-in-class Digital Engagement Practices (DEPs). 

Industry CRMs such as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud [“FSC”] and FutureVault experience will provide firms and advisors with an entirely new suite of functionality including:

➜ Seamless entry point from Salesforce to access and view individual or householding documents in FutureVault  

➜ Push notifications from FutureVault’s Client Vault Portal back to the Salesforce household record of any document activity or workflow events  

➜ Ability to transfer documents to and from FutureVault from Salesforce with a complete fiduciary audit trail 

“The market continues to look for an intelligent portal with native multi-tiering capabilities. FutureVault’s platform was purpose-built to support multiple organizational levels, householding, 3rd party Trusted Advisors, and importantly provides an out-of-the-box structure that mirrors common Digital Engagement Practices we often see,” commented Franklin Tsung, Growth Advisor of AppCrown LLC.   

In addition to creating a seamless Salesforce experience via AppCrown’s proprietary integration point technology, FutureVault will continue to work closely with AppCrown to build multi-custodian: back-office integrations into existing third-party wealth management applications. 

“We are incredibly proud to partner with AppCrown as we continue to build an integrated wealth management platform that can support complex Digital Engagement Practices for the industry. AppCrown’s turnkey integration with Salesforce combined with our leading digital vault technology will equip advisors with material efficiency gains and a complete fiduciary audit trail of all interactions with their clients.  This functionality enables advisors to demonstrate to Regulators and Compliance Departments a holistic view of their Digital Engagement Practices,” commented Daniel Kenny, Chief Executive Officer at FutureVault.  

Both firms, AppCrown and FutureVault, look forward to the mutually beneficial partnership that will provide Broker-Dealers, RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors), and Advisors with a competitive advantage, significantly transforming day-to-day activities and improving the relationships they have with their clients. 

About AppCrown  
AppCrown LLC, a privately held technology company based in New York, has been delivering managed integration networks for enterprise CRMs since 2009. Within wealth management, banking & brokerage, AppCrown has been delivering turnkey integration networks to Salesforce, enabling some of the largest custodians, such as TD Ameritrade Institutional, to deliver an OEM of Salesforce. 

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About FutureVault Inc. 
FutureVault is pioneering the advent of Personal Life Management through its industry-leading secure document exchange and Digital Vault solutions that enable institutions, advisors, and households to manage information better, together. FutureVault offers a powerful white label solution that transforms the way organizations manage, store, and deliver client documents and statements, onboard and retain clients, meet information security and compliance requirements, and drive material operational efficiencies across front, middle, and back-office functions. By leveraging FutureVault’s patented technology, organizations save significant time and money in their day-to-day workflows. 

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