Introducing the

Personal Life Management Vault™

Bringing Massive Value to Your Clients and Changing the Paradigm of Document & Data Management.

Improve your client value proposition by delivering a personalized and enhanced digital client experience that gives your clients the efficiency of a personal life organizer combined with the peace of mind knowing their information and documents are kept safe and secure. 

Your Clients Deserve the Best Experience.
Why Not Give Them That?

With the Personal Life Management Vault™, you can deliver the ultimate client experience, driving more engagement with households and building generational trust.

Personal Life Management Vault Features and Benefits

Securely manage
everything in one place

Make it easy for your clients to manage their personal, business, and financial information, data, and documents within a secure single-source-of-truth.

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Anytime, anywhere access.
On the go or at home.

Your clients (and family members) can access critical information and documents anytime, anywhere, 24-7 on their desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

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Gaining peace of mind ispriceless.

Protect and safeguard important documents, data & information in one bank-grade secure location across multiple entities, geographies, and generations.

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Family members and the next genbenefit massively.

Equip your clients with the ability to add multiple family members (spouses, parents, children) via entities to effectively manage their life's most important documents.

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Are You Ready to Take Your
Digital Client Experience to
the Future?

Our clients are not only uploading essential documents but also organizing their financial planning items, taxes, insurance, legal and more.

Jodi R., Wealth Advisory Operations
Avaii Wealth Management
(Registered Investment Advisor)

Unique Functionality Supported by
Patented Technology

We are proud to say that we have been successfully granted 3 U.S. Patents (with one pending) for innovative technology and features that our competitors try and emulate.

Provide Vault permissions to Trusted Advisors.

Trusted Advisors (Collaborators) can easily (and securely) upload, access, and manage documents, folders, or sub-folders. Trusted Advisors can be family members, accountants, lawyers, external planners, and more.

US20220075807A1 (Systems and methods for sharing documents)

ACME Financial Premium and Essential

Dynamically manage & visualize Household Entities.

Effectively filter and dynamically view documentation, data, and information in real-time associated with the Entities created and managed by your clients.

US11475074B2 (Real-time document filtering systems and methods)

AutoFile Engine to make filing suggestions.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify the type of document uploaded, the vault will suggest where to file it. This allows full text search throughout all documents and images, freeing up valuable time

US10884979B2 Automated document filing and processing methods and systems)

FutureVault Patented AutoFiling Suggestions


Additional Platform Functionality
That Makes Managing Information Easier

Deliver the most advanced, intelligent, and secure personal life management and digital vault solution to the households and clients you work closely with.


Why Should You Deliver This to Your Clients?

The Personal Life Management Vault™ creates massive opportunities for future-ready firms looking to build meaningful engagement with existing clients, deliver more value to the entire household, and engage with the next generation.

Deliver the ultimate
digital client experience

Improve your competitive advantage by delivering the most unique and personalized client experience that eliminates multiple logins for your clients.

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Deliver peace of mind
with confidence.

Protect and safeguard important documents, data & information in one bank-grade secure location across multiple entities, geographies, and generations.

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Gain massive
time and cost savings

With document workflow automation and Open APIs, your firm will gain a massive ROI by improving front and back-office operational and compliance efficiencies.

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Gain more trust and credibility
with your clients.

Win the hearts and minds of your clients and their family members (including their next gen) by delivering a fully branded, white-labeled experience.

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Take Your Digital Client Experienceto the Future.

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Take Your Digital Client Experience to the Future.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Life Management ?

Personal Life Management represents a paradigm shift in the way the world manages, accesses, and delivers information, data, and documents. Personal Life Management combines the efficiency of a digital personal life organizer with the security of a digital safety deposit box -- a win, win. 

Why is this valuable for my clients?

The Personal Life Management Vault™ delivers value to your clients in a number of ways including the ability to store, organize, protect, and preserve their most critical and important documents across multiple geographies, entities, and generations.  

What types of firms benefit from this?

The Personal Life Management Vault™ was built for the modern financial services and wealth management firm. From Broker-Dealers and independent advisory firms to Credit Unions, Banks, and Family Offices.

Isn't this just like Google or Dropbox?

This is much more than simple document storage and archiving. Personal Life Management is a paradigm shift leading to massive efficiency gains for back-office functions, productivity gains for front office teams, and ultimately, an effective way for your clients to manage their personal, business, and financial documents.

How can our firm take advantage of this?

If your firm is in learning more about how the Personal Life Management Vault™ can deliver more value to your clients while providing you with massive front and back office efficiencies, get in touch with our team today to learn more. 

Is this secure and compliant?

Yes, this is secure and compliant. FutureVault maintains world-class cybersecurity protocols, including bank-grade encryption in-transit and at-rest, as well as proudly maintaining our SOC 2 Type II and PCI DSS certifications. 

Proud to partner with firms that trust us.

Trusted by thousands of professionals and hundreds of thousands of clients at well-known and reputable firms.

Christopher Enright - Aligned Capital Partners

The Aligned 360 Vault provides our Advisors with the tools and intelligence to streamline mission-critical business processes and improve the robustness of their compliance regimes. Ultimately, we are empowering our advisors to deliver an unrivalled experience for clients in order to deepen and grow their relationships.

Christopher Enright

President & Managing Director, Aligned Capital Partners


FutureVault has allowed us to transform our paper-based processes & significantly augment the client-advisor experience while improving efficiencies, managing security, and reducing compliance risk.

Daniel Farmer

Chairman & CEO, FigTree Financial

Daniel Farmer - Board Member - FigTree
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