The Ultimate Document Management Solution for Unions.

Secure Digital Vault solutions built for modern unions looking for a better way to manage and organize critical documents across all levels of your organization and when you're ready, extend these tools (and more) to your entire membership.

ACME Union Organization Mockup
ACME Union Organization Mockup


Do any of the below sound familiar?

We know all too well that the current methods of managing documents across your union, locals, and even with members are often outdated and messy. 

Missing Doc

Missing and scattered documents

Spending countless hours searching and looking for specific agreements and documents? You're not alone. 

Member Management

Lack of accessibility to member documents

A new member calls but you're unsure whether dues have been paid or a membership application has been signed. Where are you storing their documents and records?

Inability to share resources

Lack of flexibility and hierarchy

Struggling with knowing exactly what folders or sub-folders certain documents should be saved to?

Unorganized structure

Lack of organization for final documents

Embarrassed not knowing where to find or even begin looking for the correct final document? 

Unsecure File Exchanges

Unsecure methods to exchange files

What are you going to do when employers call to say they are no longer sending union dues files via email due to security and confidentiality concerns? 

Sharing files does not have to be challenging thanks to FutureVault

Inability to distribute and share files

Is your union struggling to efficiently distribute critical documents and resources to locals and members in a secure environment?


Our Platform.Your Solution.

Equipping unions with cloud-based, modern document management technology to effectively access, store, manage, and exchange critical documents across the organization and with union members. 

Easily find documents within FutureVault

Easily find & locate critical documents

Save countless hours and resources searching for agreements and other critical documents. 

Customized Structure and Taxonomy

Customized & structured taxonomy

Create the right structure to securely manage and deliver critical documents across your organization and with members.

Secure Document Exchange

Securely exchange documents

Securely distribute, exchange, and manage documents and files across your organization, with members, and employers in an encrypted and compliant platform. 

White Label Branded Platform

Easily store &archive member documents

Improve member governance and confidently manage all member-related records via the Member Vault.

Multi-Tiered Platform Access and Roles


Efficiently manage all union, local (branch), and member documents within one secure, centralized platform.

Sharing files does not have to be challenging thanks to FutureVault

Efficiently share & distribute files

Significantly improve the way resources, materials, and communications are delivered across your union, to locals, and to members. 

Collaborate Securely with Trusted Advisors


A better way to manage everything.

Your UnionVault comes equipped with advanced document management features to improve how you collect, retrieve, share, and manage documents of all types.

Our team also helps you set up the right strategy to transform your document management processes. 

Collaborate Securely with Trusted Advisors
UnionVault High-Level Schematic
UnionVault High-Level Schematic


Improvegovernance and record keeping.

Keep all agreements, contracts, and critical documents structured, encrypted, and accessible within a secure single source of truth for all union, local, bargaining unit, and member documents. 

ACME Union Organization Mockup


Improve member engagement & trust

Deliver more value to members by providing them with their own Personal Life Management Vault™ to easily (and securely) manage all personal, business, financial, and union-related documents within one place.

ACME Union Organization Mockup


What Happens in the Vault, Stays in the Vault.

We believe that information is the ultimate asset class, which is why we incorporate the best information security and compliance standards to keep your most important information and documents safe.

PCI DSS Compliance
SSL Certificate
Soc2 Certificate
Center for Internet Security


Advanced Features & Platform Tools

FutureVault equips modern Unions with tools and advanced features to transform document management processes, drive member engagement and loyalty, and bring more data security to the table. 


Drive More Engagement With Members Today.

Looking to securely distribute documents, meet information security and compliance requirements, and augment daily workflow and processes? We’re here to help. 


Drive More Engagement With Your Members, Today.


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