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Our Team

FutureVault Inc. was founded in 2014 in Toronto, Canada, by a team of leaders in finance and technology with a view to develop a FinTech platform that empowers both end users and their trusted legal, financial and personal advisors.

Photo of Rudy Sankovic

Rudy Sankovic

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Richard Adair

Richard Adair

Vice Chair

Photo of Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Brad Rosenberg

Brad Rosenberg

Chief Product Officer

Photo of Tom Duane

Tom Duane

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Dave Happy

Dave Happy

Regional Vice President, Sales

Photo of Courtney Senior

Courtney Senior

Director of Marketing

Photo of Saul Pardillo

Saul Pardillo

Creative Director

Photo of Raeid Saqur

Raeid Saqur

Head of Development

Photo of Diane Pedreira

Diane Pedreira

Business Development Manager

Photo of Caroll Simmons

Caroll Simmons

Director of Customer Success

Photo of W. Shawn Davitt

W. Shawn Davitt

Taxonomy Analyst

Photo of Jason Ko

Jason Ko

Full Stack Developer

Photo of Rita Gupta

Rita Gupta

Program Manager

Photo of Trista Smallwood

Trista Smallwood

Concierge Services Lead

Photo of Bamba Ndiaye

Bamba Ndiaye

DevOps Engineer

Photo of Reza Khan

Reza Khan

Solution Architect

Photo of Nataliia Basmanova

Nataliia Basmanova

Front End Developer

Photo of Asma Afroza

Asma Afroza

QA Lead & Project Manager

Photo of Niusha Payami

Niusha Payami

DevOps Engineer

Photo of Mark Tyborowski

Mark Tyborowski

Software Architect

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Feel free to email us at or call us at 1-844-538-2859.