Digital Vaults Empower the Remote Financial Advisors & Secure Document Management- Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In Times of Great Uncertainty, Prepare, Don’t Panic

Take advantage of FutureVault’s technological breakthroughs to build an efficient and secure document management portal that will prove highly effective now and long after COVID-19 fades away.

The COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has caused over 500,000 infections and claimed more than 23,000 lives around the world. It’s a global pandemic and a major public health threat that’s growing rapidly in many countries, especially in the United States.

The good news is that there are proven ways to protect yourself against the effects of COVID-19. Staying home and avoiding close contact with others in the rare instance you have to leave home offers a strong defense against infection. And when it comes to the business-damaging effects of COVID-19, there are effective ways to fight back too.

Major advances in tech innovation over the past few years now give you the ability to offer financial planning, insurance, and tax advice and handle clients’ needs from the comfort of the financial advisor’s home. Those advances came not a moment too soon. With financial markets showing extreme volatility, many, if not all, financial wealth clients are more anxious now than they’ve ever been.

Rather than fretting over the lack of face-to-face meetings, you can take advantage of these technological breakthroughs to build an efficient and secure document management portal that will prove highly effective both now and long after COVID-19 fades away.

Why a digital vault platform powered by FutureVault is the most important tech innovation to date that will help you continue to help your clients as you work from home:

Digital vaults

A digital vault is essentially an online safety deposit box. It stores your clients’ financial information, providing airtight security against potential scammers and hackers, but also fast and easy access for advisors, trusted professionals, and clients, no matter where in the world they’re located.

Those are indispensable benefits in the age of social distancing. As more countries and cities go into lockdown, financial advisors are being forced to work from home, and clients are finding it harder and harder to meet with them face to face.

FutureVault leads the digital vault space. FutureVault’s cloud-based digital vault technology gives financial advisors the convenient, secure, digital document management platform they need. Powered by AI and machine learning, FutureVault enables you to manage all of your clients’ vital documents, quickly and easily.

FutureVault: An official DocuSign partner

Forcing face-to-face meetings to sign documents was already an antiquated way to do business before COVID-19 came along. Now, electronic signing platforms are surging right past tools of convenience to tools of necessity.

FutureVault offers an integrated electronic signing platform with DocuSign, a leading e-signature provider. Clients concerned about information security and document storage when using e-signatures can rest easy, knowing that FutureVault’s security features and DocuSign’s easy-to-use platform combine to make clients’ lives much easier at signing time.

Even if your client base skews, older, quick, and secure communication is becoming a highly desired tool for investors, both young and old, as part of a broader digital approach to wealth management. A 2017 CFA Institute report found that nearly 40% of investment advisor clients over the age of 55 considered robust digital client offerings as an essential tool in how they want to interact with their advisors. Given the tech advances that have happened since then and the current social distancing movement that prevents those clients from meeting in person, it’s a sure bet that such a study would produce far higher numbers today.

FutureVault’s advanced digital tools 

FutureVault features a wide array of other digital tools that offer many benefits for advisors forced into remote work; many of those benefits will carry over long after lock-downs have ended.

FutureVault’s AI-powered search platform enables both advisors and clients to quickly and easily access documents from anywhere, anytime. Its automated checklist feature makes time and task management easier than it’s ever been. FutureVault’s checklists also automate document tasks, saving companies time and money.

FutureVault’s Global Folders feature ensures that corporate documents, onboarding forms, and other vital items once tendered in the form of stacks of papers are now digitally secure and up to date. Global Folders also helps ensure that the most important corporate documents are easily accessible to the whole organization digitally, while greatly reducing the amount of paper waste you use, which in turn lowers your carbon footprint — a worthwhile goal in any climate.

Digitization as a Service (DaaS): FutureVault and Iron Mountain bridge the digital-physical divide

Iron Mountain brings the world’s leading logistical network and physical information solution that protects documents by combining security, real-time tracking, and an auditable chain of custody for physical information protection. Those features add to FutureVault’s encrypted document management platform to offer one virtual point of collaboration, helping companies build their own digital transformation strategies.

Add in FutureVault’s ability to keep advanced activity-tracking logs and complete fiduciary audit trails to ensure compliance, and you have an all-in-one solution. One that’s tailor-made to help your team to continue to work seamlessly at a time when less prepared businesses are scrambling trying to find secure solutions.

Even when advisors are able to return to corporate offices, societal changes will likely make remote financial advising an increasingly popular option for clients and advisors alike. FutureVault will help your organization adjust and thrive in that new market reality.