FutureVault Ranks as a Top 25 WealthTech Provider by Wealth Professional Canada

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The Top 25 WealthTech Providers Report published by Wealth Professional Canada recognizes technology pioneers and the top WealthTech solutions making a significant impact in the wealth management industry.

Toronto, Ontario, April 29, 2024  — FutureVault, the industry-leading Digital Vault solution pioneering the Client Life Management Vault™ for financial institutions, wealth management firms, and family offices, has been ranked by Wealth Professional Canada as a Top 25 WealthTech Solution Provider.

Wealth Professional’s Top 25 WealthTech Providers report recognizes technology pioneers in the wealth management industry who are shaping innovation and creating unique technology that addresses fundamental industry-wide challenges. Wealth Professional Canada highlights the top technology firms in the industry that have successfully demonstrated their capabilities in taking technology to the next level by providing institutions, firms, advisors, and their clients with accessible and innovative solutions that break the status quo.

While technology continues to play an evolving and deeply embedded role in the daily lives of the modern wealth professional, the platforms and the technology solutions that improve the wealth professional’s capacity while providing more value to the end client and their family will continue to be the most successful.

Implementing best-of-breed WealthTech solutions like FutureVault’s Digital Vault (the Client Life Management Vault) can drive real impact and influence three critical areas which include:

➜ Enabling client engagement to deepen the advisor-client relationship
➜ Automating back-office and advisor workflow to save significant time and money
➜ Enhancing information security and regulatory oversight capabilities

“Technology is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an absolute must that is now deeply embedded into every critical area of modern wealth management,” commented Kristian Borghesan, FutureVault CMO. “We’re proud to not only gain recognition as an industry leader but to continue supporting firms by improving their ability to grow and scale and ultimately deliver a unique value proposition to their clients and the families they work with as a way of creating a digital moat and one that encourages them to foster better relationships and have meaningful conversations when it matters most.”

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