FutureVault, the most sophisticated digital filing cabinet and safety deposit box ever built.

Highly structured document storage and filtering across an unlimited number of entities including family members, corporations, sole proprietorships, trusts, foundations, etc.

FutureVault’s Collaboration features will Change the Way Business is Done

With patent-pending technology, FutureVault changes the relationship between clients and their advisors

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Introducing FutureVault

FutureVault is a secure digital safety deposit box that is delivered by partner organizations to their customers allowing them to digitally deposit, store, collaborate and manage important financial, legal and personal documents.

FutureVault is a highly structured filing cabinet in the cloud that allows for document storage and filtering across an unlimited number of entities including family members, corporations, sole proprietorships, trusts, foundations, etc.

FutureVault fosters a completely new type of collaboration between clients and their network of Trusted Advisors (wealth advisors, accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, family members, etc.)

FutureVault increases trust and opportunity between parties, helping to simplify document and asset management, grow relationships and capitalize on opportunities.






Suggested Documents


Document Summary Forms


Deposit & Upload

FutureVault maximizes efficiencies and ensures your estate’s assets are kept organized, optimized, accessible and top of mind.

  • Drag and Drop Files
  • Email Files into your FutureVault
  • OCR and Advanced AI
  • Incoming Email Filtering
  • Sophisticated Tagging, so you can access files in more than one place
  • Multiple Entity Filtering
  • Apple iOS Phone App

Restore & Retrieve

FutureVault is an intelligent filing cabinet that assists you in organizing your life, saving you and your family valuable time.

  • Categories
  • Suggested Documents
  • View Document
  • View important information related to documents
  • Personalized Reports
  • Smart Search
  • Document Browsing

Manage & Control

Share documents and assets with your family and trusted advisors in a secure, discrete and fiduciary-based environment.

  • Securely share files
  • Allow trusted advisors access to specific files or folders
  • Business Workflows
  • Set Reminders and Notifications
  • Document History and logs
  • Contact Management and Upload
  • White-label Branding

Secure & Safe

FutureVault provides top tier protection for your information by using bank-grade security, and our Sentinel Safe Security Layer (3SL).

  • No local files stored
  • High Security Data Facility
  • Bank-grade Encryption, so only you can access your files
  • Redundancy & Backup
  • 2-Step authentication and smart timeouts
  • Help & Member support
  • 2-step Deleted Documents

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