Boutique Wealth Creation Firm 33seven Selects FutureVault to Offer Secure Safety Deposit Box to Network of Clients

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Secure digital filing cabinets are the future of personal data management and, in the very near future, these solutions will be a standard offering at every financial institution. Toronto-based boutique wealth management company, 33seven, has announced that they are the first company to offer FutureVault’s Digital Collaborative Vault as a premiere value-added service to its network of ultra high-net-worth clients. By being one of the first companies to utilize this technology, 33seven is differentiating itself in the market by delivering an entirely new level of customer service – they are providing their clients invaluable peace of mind by helping them digitize and organize their most important documents.

33seven’s clients will now have access to the most sophisticated, secure, digital filing cabinet and safety deposit box ever built, allowing them to digitally deposit, store and manage important financial, legal and personal documents through a cloud-based, SaaS platform. 33seven is the first wealth management client FutureVault has publicly announced following the company’s launch at FinovateFall 2016 in New York City in September.

“Easy, secure access to vital documents is paramount to wealth management, and up until now, there has been a massive gap in the marketplace for a secure digital solution,” said Derryn Shrosbree, 33seven Founder. “FutureVault is one of a kind, as the company truly understands the needs of our clients and produced the most robust, secure solution available.”

At the core of FutureVault’s cutting-edge offering is its patent-pending Trusted Advisors feature, which allows for the sharing and fiduciary tracking of vital documents, ultimately increasing trust between all parties, simplifying document and asset management, and enabling the growth of relationships. Each Trusted Advisor leaves a digital audit trail allowing the Vault Holder to know what documents are being reviewed and how they are being used. Each Vault Holder receives a secure FutureVault email address so their counter-parties can deliver documents directly into their FutureVault account.

“33seven is definitely ahead of the curve in thinking about the FutureVault solution for its clients. High-net-worth individuals and families have a complex network of advisors, attorneys, accountants and bankers, resulting in mountains of paperwork,” said G Scott Paterson, FutureVault Chairman & CEO. “We are excited about the opportunity to work with 33seven and provide their clients with the most secure and comprehensive digital filing cabinet; we are also looking forward to augmenting the FutureVault product based on feedback from our new partner.”

Mr. Paterson predicts that FutureVault-like products will be essential to doing business in the next five years. Everyone from financial planners, insurance companies, asset managers, family offices, affinity groups, business management firms, government municipalities and educational institutions, will see digital collaborative vaults as a must-have in order to stay competitive and meet the needs of their constituents, especially in an increasingly connected, cloud-based digital world.

“FutureVault has definitely changed the relationship with my clients. There is a lot more transparency, trust, and new opportunities for value-added services and more comprehensive consultation,” Mr. Shrosbree added. “My staff doesn’t have to call the client for a document if it’s already in their 33seven Vault. From an efficiency standpoint my staff loves FutureVault, and for our clients it’s given them clarity and control of their resources, finances and documents.”

“Implementing FutureVault at 33seven was a no-brainer. Everything is digital now and you can either adopt or be insignificant. You can either be organized on a FinTech platform like this or you can have a shoebox shoved under your bed. We chose to be ahead of the curve and partner with FutureVault,” Mr. Shrosbree concluded.

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