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Aligned Capital Partners and FutureVault Team Up to Modernize Information Management for Advisors and Clients

Mar 13, 2018

Aligned Capital Partners, an independent financial advisory firm located in Burlington, ON, has announced that it is launching FutureVault’s Digital Collaborative Vault platform branded as the Aligned 360 Vault – a highly secure, structured and central location to manage critical personal and business information.

Aligned 360 Vault will modernize communication across every aspect of the firm. With its extensive information architecture, unique collaboration features and fiduciary tracking tools, Aligned 360 Vault will enable advisors to quickly and securely collaborate on business and client information, anytime and from any device.

“At Aligned Capital Partners, we’re passionate about delivering a best-in-class client-centric experience. For us, that means going above and beyond to seek out technology and tactics that provide incredible value for both our clients and advisors – that’s why we’re so excited about launching the Aligned 360 Vault,”said Christopher Enright, President and Managing Director at Aligned Capital Partners. “We’re also looking forward to the impact the Aligned 360 Vault will have on our operational efficiency. We’re promoting a progressive, paperless office while bringing new levels of communication to our firm with better security, organization and transparency. The Aligned 360 Vault will provide our Advisors with the tools and intelligence to streamline mission-critical business processes and improve the robustness of their compliance regimes. Ultimately, we are empowering our advisors to deliver an unrivalled experience for clients in order to deepen and grow their relationships.”

Key features of Aligned 360 Vault include bank-grade security, optical character recognition (OCR) with smart-filing technology and a pre-configured folder directory with 200 categories and over 1,400 suggested documents and summary forms. The Aligned 360 Vault strives to make the digitization, centralization and organization of personal, financial and business information as easy and secure as possible.

“Chris and the Aligned Capital Partners team have impressed us with their thought leadership and progressive approach with regards to client interaction,” said John D. Orr, CEO, FutureVault. “We are thrilled that they share our vision that information is an asset class and should be managed through a Digital Collaborative Vault to provide profound benefits to both clients and advisors, thus deepening their relationship.”

About Aligned Capital Partners

Aligned Capital Partners Inc is an investment dealer providing a broad range of investment and wealth management products to clients throughout Canada. Aligned Capital Partners Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.


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