FutureVault Granted US Patent for Proprietary Digital Document Filing Technology

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Toronto, Ontario, January 5, 2021  — FutureVault, an industry-leading document management and digital vault platform for institutions and enterprises, has successfully been granted a patent for its automated document filing and processing methods and systems by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

The patent, originally filed back in 2017, automatically files documents within the FutureVault platform in several locations while using machine learning technology systems to enhance the accuracy of suggested file locations. The technology works when an electronic file, containing one or more documents, is received, where the text data (meta-data) from each document is then identified and used to generate suggested file locations on where to file and store incoming documents as a way of reducing the manual process and time involvement to storing files in a structured, secured way. 

“We’re enabling enterprises and business operators to manage their information and documents, including client information, in a more secure, structured, and efficient way”, commented G Scott Paterson, FutureVault’s Executive Chair. “In a matter of seconds, we can identify exactly where you should be storing incoming documents to reduce the burden of mismanagement, saving organizations significant time and money”. 

The successful grant of the patent positions FutureVault as an industry leader in the information management, document filing, and digital vault space. FutureVault currently has two additional patents pending.

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FutureVault is an industry-leading Digital Vault Platform that helps organizations and their clients manage information better, together. FutureVault offers a powerful white label solution to manage document distribution and collaboration, while allowing end clients to digitize, deposit, store, and manage all their most important business and personal information. Organizations leverage FutureVault’s proprietary technology to acquire and retain clients, unlock new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, protect information assets and maintain compliance obligations.

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