John D. Orr, Senior Banker and Investor, Joins FutureVault as Chief Executive Officer and a Significant Investor

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FutureVault, a personal and business information management company, has named banking executive, lawyer, entrepreneur and investment professional John D. Orr as Chief Executive Officer. In addition to joining the management team, Mr. Orr has made a significant personal investment in the Company for a material ownership position.

Launched commercially in North America in late 2016 after two years of development, FutureVault has created an advanced cloud-based information management platform with patents pending. In an increasingly digital world, characterized by volume, complexity and risk, FutureVault’s secure platform provides both individuals and businesses with the tools and intelligence to select, retain and optimize all their information. The platform represents a new category: an intelligent, secure, encrypted, auditable repository for all the information in one’s life or business. FutureVault’s product suite and feature set accommodate a broad range of customer information management needs, from a relatively straightforward individual’s requirements to those of a multi-jurisdictional business or a large family office.

FutureVault’s core product, the Digital Collaborative Vault, is offered to individuals primarily through partner organizations. Partners are able to deepen relationships with target client segments while enhancing the efficacy and robustness of their client management and compliance regimes. Partner organizations will include wealth management firms, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, affinity groups, and educational institutions. The direct-to-business version of the product provides tailored solutions targeted at complex, high-value, multi-stakeholder verticals including financial services, real estate, automotive, dental, and luxury goods.

“While in its infancy, the category of secure, intelligent information management is poised to play a disruptive role across numerous sectors. With our proprietary, industry-leading technology having recently launched commercially, we set out to recruit a leader with the vision and management skills to guide the company to reach its incredible potential,” said G Scott Paterson, Executive Chairman. “John has extensive experience as well as tremendous entrepreneurial and investment acumen. John is universally regarded as a unique talent who always deals with a high degree of professionalism. We are delighted that he has agreed to join and lead our team.”

Mr. Orr has over 25 years of financial services experience. He currently serves as an advisor to the Arena Group, the Kessler Group, G2 Investment Group and Applied Data Finance. He is also Co-Chair of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s Corporate Cabinet.

Mr. Orr spent the majority of his career at CIBC, serving in the most senior leadership positions across the bank. His most recent role was as Executive Vice President responsible for the group’s strategy and corporate development functions and its merchant banking business. Previously, he served as a Managing Director in its investment bank and as the Chief Executive Officer of two subsidiary banks: Amicus bank, offering the President’s Choice Financial product suite and FirstCaribbean International Bank.

Before his work in banking, Mr. Orr practiced law in Toronto.  Mr. Orr received a BA in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario and a law degree from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“Information is the next and ultimate asset class. The ever-increasing complexity of our digital world demands the creation of a category of products and services designed to properly manage information. Creating a dynamic platform for information management has been a personal goal for a very long time,” said Mr. Orr. “The development of solutions for the efficient and effective selection, retention, management and optimization of one’s information warrants the same level of focus and expertise as do solutions for the management of one’s financial assets. Information is an extremely valuable asset and should be managed and protected as such. Everyone understands what current cloud-based document management platforms provide, but when viewing information through the lens of an asset class, it is clear that these solutions were not designed to meet this need. At FutureVault, we have tasked ourselves to lead the creation of information as an asset class. Fundamentally, our role is to provide the tools and intelligence to allow individuals and businesses to optimize the value of their information. FutureVault is much more than simply a digital storage company; its robust, highly secure technology and uniquely experienced team provide the ideal platform to pursue this mandate.”

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