Kismet Wealth Group Selects FutureVault to Launch its Digital Vault Platform for Clients

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Kismet Wealth

TORONTO, ON, November 30, 2020 /Business Wire/ — Kismet Wealth Group, a diversified financial and professional services firm, and FutureVault, an industry leader in enterprise digital vault solutions, have announced the launch of the Kismet Wealth Vault.

The Kismet Wealth Vault includes a custom white–label web portal and native mobile app on Android and iOS, that provides anytime, anywhere access to documents for both Kismet’s professional services team and its clients. The secure, enterprise-grade platform will be leveraged to address a number of mission-critical client use cases, from collecting documents for seamless client onboarding and tax preparation to the distribution of quarterly reviews, statements, reports, and updates.

Further, the Kismet Wealth Vault will allow clients to digitize, centralize and organize their personal, financial, and business information in private folders within the vault serving as their own digital safe deposit box.

“During COVID-19 we realized how important having a secure and private platform would be for document exchange and storage,” said Victor Godinho, Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor & Principal Broker at Kismet Wealth Group Corp. “We are excited to have our own branded app and portal available to our current and future clients, enabling us to be the backbone of their lives.” 

“We are delighted that Victor and the Kismet Wealth Group team have entrusted FutureVault as their digital vault partner,” said Caroll Simmons, Director of Customer Success at FutureVault. “We look forward to empowering the Kismet team and its clients with our technology, particularly in a time when remote, paperless collaboration and communication are quintessential.”

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Kismet Wealth Group is a fully diversified financial and professional services firm. Kismet has active operations in wealth management, real estate, real estate development, insurance and risk management, mortgages and lending.

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