Mandeville Private Client Inc. further enhances the client experience by providing access to Mandeville Vault via its mobile app

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BURLINGTON, Ontario—Mandeville Private Client Inc. (“Mandeville”) is pleased to announce that Mandeville Vault, Mandeville’s secure digital vault offered through its enterprise relationship with FutureVault, is now accessible via its existing mobile app, delivering a seamless digital client experience.

Originally launched in 2021, Mandeville’s mobile app provides a user-friendly, interactive way for clients to view their Mandeville accounts using their Client Portal login. Now, as part of an enhanced and fully integrated mobile experience, advisors and clients can securely access their critical Mandeville documents (including statements and tax documents) and their personal and business documents in their Mandeville Vault at the touch of their fingertips via the Mandeville mobile app.

“This technological capability is just another part of the client-advisor experience roadmap that Mandeville is pursuing. For advisors to effectively retain and grow their client base, they need to ensure consistent, timely and relevant communication across all digital channels. Mandeville Vault provides a competitive differentiator for our organization as it allows for the secure and seamless management and delivery of documents from our back office to advisors through to our clients and their families. We are able to improve information distribution at every single intersection to deliver the ultimate in client experience,” commented Frank Laferriere, Mandeville’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

He also added, “As a further enhancement, we are thrilled that clients will now have anytime, anywhere secure access to all of their personal documents via the Mandeville mobile app”

Mandeville Vault has redefined back-office document and compliance-handling processes by automating the secure delivery of critical documents directly to advisors and clients, in addition to several other material use cases. With the addition of the tightly integrated mobile experience, Mandeville Vault will effectively improve the collaboration and relationship between advisors and clients by equipping them with a secure and convenient way to upload, store, and manage documents across any device, anytime, anywhere.

 A few key components of the Mandeville Vault mobile experience include:

  • • Enterprise-grade information security and compliance
  • • A seamless single-sign-on integration within the existing Mandeville app
  • • Direct access to critical Mandeville-related documents available at clients’ fingertips (including monthly statements and tax documents)
  • • Anytime, anywhere access to personal and business documents (upload, store, access)
  • • Security, protection, and peace of mind on the go

“We are extremely excited to provide a seamless experience where Mandeville Vault is deeply integrated into Mandeville’s existing application for their advisors and clients,” commented FutureVault Chief Technology Officer, Luke Kyleman. He further added, “It has been great to work closely with Frank Laferriere and his talented team where Mandeville continues to focus on digital-led capabilities and enhancing the experience of Mandeville clients.”

The integration of the Mandeville Vault mobile experience is a major milestone in Mandeville’s pursuit to deliver a harmonious experience for its advisors and clients.

About Mandeville Holdings Inc.

Mandeville Holdings Inc., founded by Michael Lee-Chin, is the parent company of the Mandeville group of companies, which includes Mandeville Private Client Inc., Mandeville Insurance Services Inc. and Portland Investment Counsel Inc. Clients of the Mandeville group of companies have ACCESS to the benefits of our family office resources (via Portland Holdings Limited’s conglomeration), which means a unique opportunity to invest in quality offerings alongside some of the world’s most successful institutions and affluent investors. “The Wealthy Invest Differently.”- Mandeville understands this and is committed to democratizing opportunities for wealth creation typically reserved for the affluent and institutional investor.

About FutureVault

FutureVault is a market-leading provider of secure document exchange and Personal Life Management  Digital Vault solutions purposely built for the financial services and wealth management industries. FutureVault’s innovative, multi-tiered platform enables firms, advisors, and clients/households to manage information better, together. FutureVault offers a powerful white-label solution that transforms the way organizations manage, store, and deliver documents and statements, meet information security and compliance requirements, and drive material operational efficiencies across front, middle, and back-office functions through automated workflows and integrations. FutureVault is recognized as a top 100 most innovative global WealthTech solution provider.

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