NBW Capital Launches Client-Facing Digital Vault in Partnership with FutureVault

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NBW Capital LLC leverages FutureVault’s award-winning Digital Vault technology to enhance the firm’s digital client experience while bringing operational efficiencies to the table by automating the secure delivery of multi-custodial documents and improving document workflow capabilities.  

Boston, MA, USA — NBW Capital LLC (“NBW Capital”), an independent Registered Investment Advisor located in Boston, today announces the launch of its client-facing digital vault, the NBW Capital Vault, in partnership with FutureVault, the industry-leading provider of secure document exchange and Personal Life Management Vault™ solutions for the financial services industry.

The NBW Capital Vault leverages FutureVault’s white-labeled platform to enhance back and front-office operational efficiencies, assisting with the firm’s (NBW Capital) ESG and digital transformation initiatives toward paperless communication and workflows. The FutureVault platform equips NBW Capital with modern solutions and tools to improve the relationships the firm has with clients and their network of Trusted Advisors.

NBW Capital staff, advisors, and clients can effectively receive, upload, and share critical files including onboarding documents, recurring client statements, market updates and communications, estate plans, and financial services agreements, all in one centralized, organized, and secured NBW-branded digital vault. A major component of the FutureVault platform is its ability to automatically bring in multi-custodial statements, freeing up valuable professional time and improving the client’s experience. FutureVault will be attending this year’s Schwab IMPACT conference.

“We look forward to our partnership with FutureVault and seeing the impact the NBW Capital Vault will have on improving the value offering through digital-led initiatives, along with the operational workflow and compliance benefits we will gain,” commented Scott Dorsey, Vice President, Director of Operations at NBW Capital. Chris Blakely, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at NBW Capital further commented, “This is a huge milestone for our firm and we look forward to the way this new technology will help us significantly scale several back and front office processes, ultimately enabling our team to spend more quality time with clients and their families.”

A few, of the many, key features and components of NBW Capital Vault include:

  • ➜ Best-in-class security and compliance features to meet data privacy and document retention regulations
  • ➜ White-labeled and branded client-facing portal
  • ➜ Structured taxonomy to store, manage, and access corporate and client documents securely and efficiently
  • ➜ Bulk upload capabilities to digitize historical corporate records and regularly recurring client documents
  • ➜ Automatically deliver multi-custodial documents to clients, including account statements and tax documents

“Chris, Mike, Ben, Sean, and the team at NBW Capital are trusted fiduciaries of their clients’ wealth — our team is looking forward to facilitating their journey to enhance data security and the advisor-client experience, and ultimately redefine workflow processes through digital-led capabilities,” commented Nevin Markwart, former Boston Bruins first-round draft pick and Chief Information Security Officer at FutureVault.

About NBW Capital LLC

NBW Capital is a Boston-based registered investment advisor. Our partners have over 130 years of combined experience in the investment management industry.

Founded in 1991, the company has a 30-year history of delivering strong investment performance versus various benchmarks. Importantly, our interests align with our clients in that we invest our personal wealth alongside our clients’ investments in our strategies. Our mission is to work with our clients to understand their individual goals and investment needs. We believe that developing a long-lasting relationship is one of the keys to assisting clients in setting their financial plans. Our knowledge of taxable and tax-deferred investments allows us to adjust in response to changes in personal circumstances as they arise.

About FutureVault

FutureVault’s award-winning and industry-leading secure document exchange and digital vault platform is transforming how documents are managed, accessed, and delivered to clients via the Personal Life Management Vault™. In addition to revolutionizing the digital client experience, FutureVault’s multi-tiered platform is providing back and front-office teams with massive operational and compliance efficiency gains leading to 30% time and cost savings by streamlining document handling workflows through automation, integrations, AI, and unique and patented document management features. FutureVault is recognized as a 5-star WealthTech Provider and a Top 100 Most Innovative Global WealthTech Solution Provider.

Visit futurevault.com to learn more. Follow us on LinkedIn.

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