FutureVault Updates & Enhancements: Platform Release V4.4 (March 2023)

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Platform Release V4.4 (March 2023)

Last week, our team released several new updates and enhancements to the FutureVault platform to make managing your everyday workflow much easier. 

Below are some major highlights from this release including what’s new and improved, and additional platform enhancements and upgrades. Continue scrolling to learn more about how this release can benefit your firm, your advisors, and your clients.


Securely archive and store email conversations

Securely Archive Emails Conversations

All Vault Holders (including Admins and Advisors) can now easily archive important email conversations (saved as PDFs in the Vault) by forwarding any email thread to their unique Inbound Email Address

From vendor and client conversations to proposals and trade confirmations via email, this feature provides an efficient way to track and archive email conversations with various stakeholders to improve recordkeeping governance and to ensure that important information is stored in Vaults. 

Adding links in Checklist items

Attach Links to Checklist Items 

Administrative and Representative Users can now attach clickable links to Checklist Items. This makes it easy for assigned users to quickly access external information or resources relevant to the item assigned to them.  

Co-Owner of Vaults

Add Co-Owners to Client Vaults 

Admins can now add Co-Owners to a Client Vault. Vault Co-Owners have the same permissions as the primary Vault Holder, effectively allowing for shared management of the Vault. 

Co-Ownership drives household engagement by being able to add a spouse or partner and enables valuable assistance with end-of-life planning by granting Co-Ownership to a legal caregiver.   


Below is a list of enhancements, in addition to the new features mentioned above, that have been made to existing features and to the overall experience of the FutureVault platform:

➜ Audit trail enhancements to include Publish Document actions

➜ Additional white-label configuration customizations 

➜ Enhanced document upload capabilities for Private Folders (a private section in Client Vaults that only Advisors/Admin can access)

➜ Additional email notifications to reduce the risk of data loss Enhanced experience when viewing and managing Entities 

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