Team Spotlight: Meet Leo Moura

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“The most important thing here is opportunity because our leaders at FutureVault always encourage and give us free rein to execute on new ideas and work on learning new skills.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background – what’s your “story”?

I’m originally from Brazil and moved to Canada around seven years ago. I’ve been working as a software developer since 2009 in many different projects that pushed me to step out of my comfort zone from time to time and learn new code. My biggest project in Brazil involved working on an integrated platform to provide digital solutions to the transport sector.

I’ve been consistently working on improving my developer skills by learning multiple coding languages like JavaScript, Python, C#, etc. After moving to Canada I completed my certification in Mobile Application Development which then naturally led me to my role here at FutureVault. I joined the FutureVault team in February 2018 and now look after our platform’s mobile side and cloud computing.

What motivates you and keeps you “going”?

As a developer at heart, the thing that motivates me the most is constructing something new every day. Each line of code and each feature makes me proud to watch and show what I am building. It is an extremely satisfying feeling when you see something new being released that you created and receive positive feedback from users and clients. There is always a new challenge – to learn a code, a new API, or solve a bug.

Another important thing that keeps me going every morning is coffee… Can’t forget the coffee!

In just three words, describe what it’s been like working at FutureVault.

Opportunity, Teamwork, and Fair Play. The most important thing is here opportunity because our leaders at FutureVault always encourage and give us free rein to execute on new ideas and work on learning new skills.

What does your typical workday on the Development team look like? Can you share what some of your top priorities are right now?

My typical day as a software developer usually starts with looking at the tickets that I have been working on recently. First, I will verify which tickets are the top priority for that day, and then I’ll update their status and write some notes on how to get them resolved quickly. After that, I usually have a standup meeting with my workmates to share what I’ve been working on, some challenges faced, and to see if others need my help with anything. I also write, review and approve some code and submit tasks to QA to analyze and perform tests. My top priority these days is successfully launching the mobile version of our 4.X (our new version) and making sure that the code works perfectly.

Can you share one of your favorite experiences working here?

I wouldn’t say it’s just one thing but instead, the overall experience of working here at FutureVault. Whenever I get stuck, I always share the issues with my teammates, and everybody steps in to help me by providing a different point of view or bringing more ideas and solutions. We have a solid team that tries to help you no matter what it takes.

As much as I enjoy working from home, some of my favorite memories are from the times when we were in the office and brainstorming new ideas with teammates about solving product-related issues as well as those times playing board games during lunch hours.

Last but not least, what excites you most about the future of our company?

I’m extremely excited about the work we’re doing and the general direction the company is going in right now. I’m particularly excited about the new platform version 4.X that we have been working on over the past few months. I’m looking forward to seeing our clients and users start using the new and improved features we have implemented and to give us feedback.

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