Team Spotlight: Meet Michael Reynolds

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“We have an incredible, unique, and innovative platform that is just getting seen in the market, and people are noticing its power and how it can be leveraged by all stakeholders.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background – what’s your “story”?

Early in my professional career, I co-founded a seafood wholesale business in NYC, Wild Edibles, which was spawned from my working in many of the top restaurants in NY at the time and my personal passion for cooking and international foods. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and have loved everything tech-related.

After I sold my shares in the early ’90s, I then became involved professionally in technology and have been working in sales & operations since then. My primary verticals have been Healthcare and Financial Services although through my enterprise sales journey I’ve touched into other sectors. I’ve now been with FutureVault for one year and the journey with the team has been nothing short of amazing.

What motivates you and keeps you “going”?

As I like to call it, it’s “connecting the dots” and creatively solving problems. It brings me great joy to share and implement solutions that make people’s business and personal lives more efficient, freeing them up to create more opportunities and value for their businesses and their lives.

In short, I guess I just like fixing stuff with better solutions and systems.

In just three words, describe what it’s been like working at FutureVault.

Innovative, Technology, and Empowerment. I feel like at FutureVault empowerment plays a big role in your job duties.

What does your typical workday on the Sales team look like? Can you share what some of your top priorities are right now?

My typical workday is to share the FutureVault solution with folks looking to bring more efficient ways to manage critical information. This can be from a small Family Office firm to large Wealth Management firms or even Credit Unions. My top priority is to work on client sales and strategic partnerships, sharing the message about what we’re doing here and expanding our company into other markets.

Other than that I’m also busy identifying key markets opportunities for the company, staying on top of emerging trends in the Digital Vault ecosystem, and collaborating with our Marketing and Customer Success teams.

Can you share one of your favorite experiences working here?

Besides seeing the value our clients and their customers are realizing, I’d say it was definitely finally meeting the whole team in Toronto after being hired on Zoom and working remotely for the first 8 months.

Last but not least, what excites you most about the future of our company?

We have an incredible, unique, and innovative platform that is just getting seen in the market, and people are noticing its power and how it can be leveraged by all stakeholders. I’ve always been an early adopter of technology solutions and I fully believe that FutureVault is ahead of its time, so I’m excited to see where this journey leads.

Feel free to reach out to Michael and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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