Team Spotlight: Meet Misha Gupta

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“My current role as a Product Owner involves a little bit of everything—coordinating, managing, prioritizing, monitoring and controlling.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background – what’s your “story”?

I moved to Canada from India around 10 years ago with some big dreams and a small bank balance. Thanks to my technical background, I was able to quickly land a great job in the IT industry and since then there has been no looking back.

After working as a QA Analyst for several companies, I had the chance to join FutureVault at the start of 2018 and now, over the course of 4 years, my role has transitioned into Product Owner and Release Manager, where I am responsible for leading the vision and roadmap for our digital vault platform. It has been a remarkable journey here at FutureVault so far and I’ve been provided with loads of learning opportunities to grow and push my boundaries.

What motivates you and keeps you “going”?

I’d say the main thing that motives me is learning new things and acquiring new skills. I consider myself a people person and love coordinating and collaborating with other people, which my current role allows me to do. Another important thing that keeps me going every day is waking up every morning to witness the happy smiles of my family.

In just three words, describe what it’s been like working at FutureVault.

Motivating, Progressive, and Trusting. Of these three, ‘motivating’ for me has been the biggest factor because I feel that my manager drives me in the right direction and constantly guides me on how to progress in my career.

What does your typical workday on the Development team look like? Can you share what some of your top priorities are right now?

My current role as a Product Owner involves a little bit of everything—coordinating, managing, prioritizing, monitoring, and controlling. A typical day would include working off the product roadmap and managing our backlog to prioritize requirements for product development. It also involves being available to our development team to provide answers for questions they might have about use-cases or implementing a new product feature.

As a Product Owner, one of my primary responsibilities is ensuring that our development cycle is working smoothly and we are on course to achieve our set goals and targets. I work with a cross-functional team in planning a product release and track our progress to deliver it on time. Ultimately, the aim is to plan and execute how our product can be enhanced and add more value for our clients.

Can you share one of your favorite experiences working here?

It’s very hard for me to mention any single favorite experience of working here. However, the best thing would be when I started with FutureVault, I was a total stranger in a new place but have now made some great lifelong friends along the way, who work as a stress-buster and make working at FutureVault a pleasure every single day.

Last but not least, what excites you most about the future of our company?

The most exciting thing would be the great progress that FutureVault has been making in the world of digital document management and continuously innovating to deliver a best-in-class product that goes the distance in helping our clients improve productivity and security of their documents.

Feel free to reach out to Misha and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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