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Centralize & Secure Corporate Communications with FutureVault

Apr 21, 2020

Now more than ever, it is critically important to implement a secure, centralized repository for corporate communications. 

One of the biggest challenges in corporate communications is making sure everyone is on the same page across all levels of the business stack. Having a central repository of up-to-date, secure, and easily accessible corporate communication has never been more critical.

An intuitive digital vault platform powered by FutureVault should be an essential part of every Internal business communication structure. A central platform that ensures a primary voice for all corporate documents eliminates the number of outdated forms in circulation, speeds up the onboarding of new employees, reduces the number of secure documents downloaded on external devices and hard drives, and facilitates seamless team collaboration. 

One of the unique features of FutureVault’s Dynamic Document Distribution tools are Global Folders; A central hub for corporate communications that allows administrators to ensure all corporate messaging is easily accessible from one central hub and up-to-date at all times.

Global Folder benefits include:

Improved compliance risk: With advanced permissions and a complete fiduciary audit trail; you can track all activities that occur with a document within a vault providing the ultimate transparency, accountability, and peace of mind to your clients.

Minimal IT investment: Implement cutting edge Document Management Technology with minimal IT investment; FutureVault makes it easier to digitize and keep pace with the latest in information management while eliminating costly infrastructure investments and giving you the agility to react to demand spikes and scale quickly. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Reduce hacking risk: Significantly reduce the risk of phishing and email-based attacks, knowing all document exchanges occur in the security of your digital vault platform.

Lower carbon footprint:  By cutting down on the costs associated with legacy paper processes, reducing the size and the energy consumption of your on-premises data centers you can take advantage of the greenness of the cloud by digitizing with a FutureVault platform.

Finally. An enterprise document management platform built to connect everyone securely.  

From the enterprise to staff, the client, and back. FutureVault has your back. 

Connect to a FutureVault Remote Solutions Expert at to find out about the industry’s leading digital vault platform today!

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