FutureVault Updates & Enhancements: Platform Release V4.5 (August 2023)

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Platform Release V4.5 (August 2023)

Earlier this week, our team released several new updates and enhancements to the FutureVault platform to make managing your everyday workflow much easier. 

Below are some major highlights from this release including what’s new and improved, and additional platform enhancements and upgrades. Continue scrolling to learn more about how this release can benefit your firm, your advisors, and your clients.



Enhanced search functionality and experience in FutureVault

In this platform update (Version 4.5), we are excited to introduce an enhanced search experience, bringing more efficiency to navigating and searching for information within the Vault.

Dedicated Search Page

When searching for documents, folders, or contacts in the top search box, you now have the option of clicking on ‘View All’ to open a dedicated search page. In this newly designed and dedicated search page, users have access to view all of the search results related to the search query and can easily apply additional filters such as sorting by label and dates, and explore further information, making it a seamless and powerful search experience.

Search within the History Tab

This update also introduces a search enhancement to the document audit trail maintained under the History option. Whether searching for specific users, actions taken on documents (such as downloading, sharing, or viewing), or simply organizing audit trail data more efficiently, this improvement makes it easy to view and retrieve the audit trail. 


Trusted Collaborator Enhancements

The experience of managing Trusted Advisor (trusted collaborator) permissions has just been significantly improved. Below are some of the enhancements to the overall Trusted Advisor experience and functionality:

Enhanced view and management experience of Trusted Advisors

The overall layout and experience of viewing and managing Trusted Advisor permissions have improved, bringing everything onto a single page. Vaultholders and Administrators can now update folder and entity permissions from the Trusted Advisor contact details page.

Add expiration time to trusted collaborator permissions

This new feature enhancement now allows Vaultholders and Administrative users to assign collaborators, such as accountants, brokers, insurance agents, and lawyers, with time-bound access to specific folders and sub-folders within Vaults. With this enhanced control, setting an expiration date for Trusted Advisors is easy and efficient, and improves the overall level of security with respect to accessing information and documents.

View time-stamped account status

Vaultholders and Administrators can now conveniently view the time and date of when activation emails were sent and/or when accounts have been activated by the Trusted Advisor.


The latest platform release brings several feature enhancements for Administrative Users. Admins can now efficiently manage client representative access to enhance control and overall security. 

From the newly designed Representative ‘Details’ page, an Administrator can now:

1. Effortlessly view the Rep’s assigned list of Vaults (Advisors and/or Clients) under the ‘Access’ tab. 

2. Easily assign new Vaults (Advisor or Client Vaults) to Representatives from the ‘Assign’ button by selecting the desired Vaults from the available pool and assigning them with a single click.


Below is a list of additional enhancements, in addition to the new features and enhancements mentioned above, that have been made to the overall experience of the FutureVault platform:

Administrators and Vault Holders can customize new level 3 (and beyond) company folders, while Vault Holders can further customize their Personal folders by adding custom icons to the folders

➜ The use of special characters is now supported for Vault names

➜ Click on email addresses within the Contact Page to open up a new email window for Outlook users

➜ Allow for the use of commas when adding new folders and when using Template Management

➜ Quickly print documents, including password-protected ones, from the Actions tab using the ‘Print’ option that is now available

➜ Several additional enhancements to the overall look and feel of the platform for Admins, Advisors, Reps, and Clients (resizing pop-up windows, previewing long file names, modal consistency updates, introducing better contrast and font formats, etc)

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