InsurMark and FutureVault Partnership

The Ultimate Digital Vault Solution for Future-ReadyAdvisors.

InsurMark and FutureVault have partnered to provide you with access to the ultimate digital vault for your firm and your clients.

The #1 digital vault solution for advisors to significantly improve the way critical documents are accessed, stored, shared, and exchanged with clients, family members, and their network of Trusted Advisors. 

ACME Financial Digital Vault

FutureVault is the highest quality online digital vault with government grade security to protect your clients’ documents and information all branded to you as the clients’ trusted advisor offering value beyond just a digital vault, the capabilities are limitless!

Randy Yost,
Senior VP, Advisor Development Consultant


Featured FutureVault Use Cases

Explore how your peers are using FutureVault to gain efficiency and deliver the ultimate client experience.

Deliver a uniquedigital client experience.

Drive engagement with families (and the next-gen) by making it easier than ever to store, access, and manage their life's most important documents.

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Confidently organize & manageclient files.

Gain efficiency and save time with the most structured digital filing cabinet for all client records and information.

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Improve data security and compliance.

Improve your books and records compliance while confidently protecting your clients' information and documents.

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Securely exchange & receive documentsin one place.

Request, receive, and exchange documents securely with head office, advisors, staff, clients, family members, regulators, and trusted collaborators.

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Automate business processes and streamline workflow.

Automatically deliver monthly statements, onboarding documents, tax documents, quarterly reports, and other client documents via APIs.

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Reduce andeliminatepaper(work).

Spearhead your digital transformation initiative by digitizing document-driven processes to meet ESG compliance and eliminate paper(work) for good.

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Demo the FutureVault Platform Today.

Discover how other firms and peers from your IMO are driving meaningful client engagement and leveraging FutureVault to help them scale.

FutureVault ACME Financial Digital Vault

Your Clients Deserve the Best Experience.
Why Not Give Them That?

With FutureVault you can deliver the ultimate client experience, driving more engagement with your clients and building trust that spans generations. 

Personal Life Management Vault Features and Benefits

Securely manage
everything in one place

Make it easy for your clients to manage their personal, business, and financial information, data, and documents within a secure single-source-of-truth.

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Anytime, anywhere access.
On the go or at home.

Your clients (and family members) can access critical information and documents anytime, anywhere, 24-7 on their desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

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Gaining peace of mind ispriceless.

Protect and safeguard important documents, data & information in one bank-grade secure location across multiple entities, geographies, and generations.

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Family members and the next genbenefit massively.

Equip your clients with the ability to add multiple family members (spouses, parents, children) via entities to effectively manage their life's most important documents.

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Are You Ready to Take Your
Digital Client Experience to
the Future?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Vault?

A Digital Vault is the virtual equivalent of a safety deposit box to store critical documents, data, and information. Digital Vaults are quickly becoming a must-have technology in equipping institutions, firms, and professionals with structure, security, and efficiency to streamline and automate document-driven processes, and deliver tremendous value to clients.

Is FutureVault secure and compliant?

FutureVault adheres to world-class cybersecurity protocols, including bank-grade encryption in-transit and at-rest. We proudly maintain SOC 2 Type II and PCI DSS certifications, giving your organization peace of mind in knowing that your enterprise, advisor, and client data and documents are kept safe and secure.

What types of organizations and firms do you work with?

FutureVault is recognized as an industry leader in the financial services and wealth management industry. We proudly work with Broker-Dealers, independent advisory firms and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Single and Multi-Family Offices, Insurance Distributors, Accounting Firms, Credit Unions, and Banks.

Can FutureVault automate the delivery of critical documents?

FutureVault can provide massive admin, back-office, and front-office efficiency by automating the secure delivery of critical documents including client statements, account opening documentation, tax documents, portfolio-related reports, and more via tight integration, Open APIs, and secure bulk uploads. 

Can this be used as a client portfal?

Yes, FutureVault can be delivered as a stand-alone client portal to manage and access client information and documents. Our platform can also be tightly integrated into your existing advisor and client portals via Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration.

Do you have public APIs?

FutureVault has public RESTful APIs that can be accessed and consumed upon request. We can provide your technical resources with FutureVault for Developers access, API documentation (including postman collections), and a developer sandbox portal to test and experiment APIs before publishing.

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